Switching Visa Programs: From H4 to B2 Visa
19 June 2019
A question from our viewer, Yol: A friend of mine is currently in the U.S. because of her spo...
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H2-B Visa Extension Request
13 June 2019
A question from our viewer, J: I am currently working as an H-2B here in Utah. I’ve heard abo...
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Merit-based Immigration, Congress Reintroduces RAISE Act
18 April 2019
Two years ago, the RAISE Act — which sought to curb legal immigration by cutting the number of g...
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Sponsoring a Brother as Caregiver to their Mother
17 April 2019
BA viewer Carlos sent this question over. "I have a brother who has a Family Fourth Preferenc...
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Availing of Company-sponsored Work Visa
03 April 2019
An anonymous viewer asks: "I’m here in the U.S. for almost four years now and I overstayed. I...
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When Fiancé Visa Petition Expires
28 March 2019
Pinoy Panawagan viewer Adel wants to know what one can do when a fiancé visa petition expires. A...
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Implications of Availing Federal Student Aid
20 March 2019
Our viewer Maz sent Pinoy Panawagan this question: I will be availing of federal st...
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Expanding DACA Protections
13 March 2019
On Pinoy Panawagan, Atty. Lou Tancinco weighs in on the House of Representatives’ new proposal t...
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Petitioning for U.S. Citizenship
07 March 2019
This question comes from our viewer Arnel in Washington: My wife, who is a green card holder,...
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