U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of DACA Recipients
06 July 2020
U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 18, 2020 that Trump may not immediately terminate DACA. Here is...
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FAQs on the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act
24 May 2020
What is the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act, and what does it mean for nurses and doctors se...
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T-Visa New Citizen Wants to Petition a Sibling
19 March 2020
A regular Balitang America viewer, Rob, emailed this question to us: "Can I petition my one a...
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Necessity of Dual Citizenship
24 December 2019
A viewer asks Atty Lou Tancinco on the need to acquire dual citizenship for purposes of being ab...
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Prepare to Return to the Philippines
05 December 2019
A Filipino with an expired U.S. tourist visa has decided to go back to the Philippines along wit...
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Petitions and Green Cards
14 November 2019
Viewer Merline asks questions relevant to immigrant petitions she had filed for her adult childr...
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On Trump Administration's Efforts to Limit Legal Immigration
09 October 2019
What is the impact of  Trump’s immigration health care proclamation to immigrants? Who i...
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Impact of Senator Rand Paul's BELIEVE Act on Foreign Workers
18 July 2019
True to the Trump administration’s efforts to focus on merit-based immigration — Republican Sena...
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Bringing My Child To America
10 July 2019
A question from our viewer named Zebyo: My son’s recent DNA test results came back showing th...
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