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06 February 2009
Secretary of Homeland Security Publishes Countries Eligible for H-2B Program
Late last year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a final rule, ?Changes to Req...
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03 February 2009
U.S. Senate Passes SCHIP Act, Which Will Remove 5-Year Waiting Period for Permanent Residents
Last week, the U.S. Senate voted in favor of the Children?s Health Insurance Program Reauthorizat...
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01 February 2009
US Economic Death Spiral and the Foreign Workers
Jose and Girlie, married couple from Manila, gave up their promising careers to work for a US com...
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25 January 2009
Intent to Marry Crucial in Fiance Petitions
Joseph, 68 years old US citizen, sent me a disturbing email. He stated that he plans to petition,...
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07 January 2009
New Year Outlook for US Bound Registered Nurses
Jenny entered into a contract of employment with a US recruitment agency in 2005. She was told th...
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26 November 2008
LULAC Class Member Failed to Legalize Status
Dear Atty. Lou, I am writing this letter for my cousin who lives in Texas. She came here to the U...
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19 November 2008
Fiance of US Citizen Denied Nonimmigrant Visas
Dear Atty. Lou, Greetings! I am a Filipino working here in Guangzhou, China. My husband filed a f...
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