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09 January 2018
What undocumented immigrants face with the REAL ID Act
Until recently, California was one of many states that issued driver licenses or identification c...
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05 August 2017
Trump’s bid to restrict legal immigration will harm Filipino families
There are almost 400,000 family petitions already filed by Filipino immigrants waiting for visa a...
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14 July 2017
Immigration: Entrepreneur parole program at risk of being axed
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released its official rule on July 11, 2017 seeking to d...
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05 July 2017
Know Your Rights in Case of ICE Arrest
At the recently concluded American Immigration Lawyers Association conference held at New Orleans...
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25 May 2017
Deadbeat Dad’s Restriction on Foreign Travel
Joshua was petitioned by his U.S. citizen spouse, Jessica, in 2005. After ten years, their marria...
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12 May 2017
Why US consuls may revoke B2 visitor visas
Once a non-immigrant visa is issued by a consular officer at the US Embassy, it may be used by th...
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15 April 2017
Is warrantless search of electronic devices on entering US legal?
When entering the United States, both non-U.S. citizens and U.S. citizens are not exempt from the...
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05 April 2017
Undocumented’s options - depart voluntarily or be detained
Two weeks ago, Rey Galleon, a Filipino who had been residing in unlawful status for several years...
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14 March 2017
Renouncing US Citizenship 101
Lawyer Perfecto Yasay’s nomination as Secretary of Department of Foreign Affairs was recently rej...
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