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09 June 2024
The American Dream: A Dream Worth Chasing
Dear TLAW Readers, This month, we want to explore a topic close to the hearts of many in our ...
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05 June 2024
Understanding Your Responsibilities Under USCIS’ Affidavit of Support
Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident planning to sponsor or co-sponsor an eligible famil...
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07 February 2024
Unlocking Opportunities: Biden's AI Executive Order and Employment-Based Immigration
Greetings! We're excited to share insights into President Biden's recent executive order on a...
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20 November 2023
A Possible Path to Legalization: The Dignity Act's Bipartisan Proposal
In a political world marked by partisan divides, it is refreshing to hear news of a groundbreaki...
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15 May 2023
Bipartisan bill seeks to increase employment-based green cards
There is currently a bipartisan bill that is seeking to increase employment-based green cards by...
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06 February 2023
Heads up! USCIS eyes hiking fees
The USCIS is eyeing hiking fees in an effort to make up for budget cuts, but it might be a financial burden to employers and families.
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16 January 2023
10 Immigration Issues Important to Filipino Immigrants in 2023
Here are the top 10 immigration issues for Filipino immigrants in 2023, that are either beneficial or are drawbacks to Filipino immigrants.
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04 October 2022
Updated Advisory: Traveling to the Philippines and the U.S.
Here are the latest updates for those planning to travel to the Philippines or the United States, as of October 2022.
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27 August 2021
New CDC Policy: Covid-19 Vaccine Required for Green Card Applicants
Starting October 1, 2021, applicants for immigrant visas or green cards whose applications are p...
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