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  • USCIS Proposes to Adjust Fees to Meet Operational Needs

    WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security will publish a notice of proposed rule-making in the Federal Register to adjust the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Immigration Examinations Fee Account fee schedule. Fees collected and deposited into the IEFA fund nearly 96% of USCIS’ budget. Unlike most government agencies,…

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  • Update on Trump’s “No Insurance, No Visa” Proclamation

    Prospective immigrant visa applicants based on family-based petitions were alarmed by the news requiring health insurance as a condition for the issuance of their immigrant visas. Filipinos who have been waiting outside the United States for their visas to become available were concerned on how they could possibly comply…

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  • New Public Charge Rules and How It Will Affect You

    On August 12, 2019, USCIS released the new public charge rules. This will take effect in 60 days from publication or in October 2019. A “public charge” finding is a ground for inadmissibility or basis for denial of visas. An individual is considered a public charge if s/he is…

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  • Current U.S. Immigration Trends Affecting the Filipino Community

    Having been in the practice of immigration law for almost 3 decades, I have witnessed the many challenges that immigrants face under different administrations. While there were challenges in the past, I can say that as practitioners we are presented with tremendous difficulties trying to comprehend the general state…

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