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  • Small Claims Court And You

    Clients hire their attorneys to help them with their legal problems. Sometimes, however, these legal problems may involve monetary damages with minimal amounts. Considering the high cost of litigation, it is sometimes not cost effective to have an attorney represent you in a legal dispute.  Thus, there are small…

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  • When Do I Need To Move Out Of My Home?

    Homeowners who are already delinquent in their monthly mortgage payments often suffer apprehension as to when their home will be foreclosed and when they need to move out of their homes. It is not uncommon to get questions such as: whether or not the bank can just come anytime…

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  • Should I Cash Out My 401(k) To Pay My Debts?

    A reader recently wrote to ask if it is a good idea to take cash out from his retirement account in order to pay off his credit card debts. Having been recently laid-off and just receiving unemployment income, he has exhausted his savings. He is now considering taking cash…

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  • Stricter Rules On Debt-Settlement Companies

    Many of us have seen ads by debt-settlement firms promising to reduce our debts for pennies on the dollar. We see this in TV ads as well as in flyers we receive in our mailboxes.  For a person in debt, these offers appear to be very enticing. The reality,…

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  • Can My Property Be Taken To Pay A Debt?

    Creditors can run after debtors’ properties to satisfy their unpaid debts. However, many debtors are under the mistaken impression that creditors can just go after their assets or garnish their wages the moment their credits are left unpaid. That is not so.   In order to attach a property…

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