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Immigration Round Table
  • Future DAPA Applicants Anxiously Await Appeals Court Decision

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services set May 19, 2015 as the date for accepting applications for Obama’s program known as Deferred Action for Parents Accountability (DAPA). But on February 16, 2015, District Judge Andrew Hanen issued an injunction that resulted in the suspension of the implementation of Obama’s…

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  • June 2015 Visa Bulletin Indicates Further Retrogression

    The month of June 2015 is not a good month for those who are waiting for their visas to be current under the first preference family based category and the employment based petition, third preference category. The first preference category that refers to a petition by a U.S. citizen…

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  • A Horrible Retrogression of Priority Dates Affecting the Filipino Workers

    2014 was a great year for Filipinos who are beneficiaries of employment-based petitions under the third preference categories. There was a noticeable expeditious movement of the priority dates. However, for the month of May 2015, priority dates under this category went back from October 2014 to July 2007 a…

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  • Will DAPA Relief be granted to a Parent who is a “Felon”?

    President Obama made it clear that “felons” and not families are going to be prioritized for deportation. An undocumented individual who has a U.S. citizen child and who plans to file for relief under the Deferred Action for Parents Accountability (DAPA) must ensure that he has no criminal history…

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  • Failure to Register for Selective Service

    One of the several requirements for a male applicant for naturalization is proof that he registered for selective service if he arrived in the United States between the ages of 18 to 26. A reader sent a question asking about the effect of failure to register. Dear Atty. Lou,…

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